Have Baby, Will Travel!

Traveling with a baby doesn’t mean mama’s on vacation. It is just moving to another place, taking the whole house with you and doing your usual routine in a different setting. The tiredness is doubled but the level of excitement surpasses it, like a hundred times.It makes me a different person each time as Thomas’s level of activity increases each time too. It is like playing a video game called Mom Dash with Candy Crush‘s never – ending-and – getting – more-difficult – stages . LOL!

Today, we did our usual routine: breakfast – books-shapes-songs-nappy change-morning care-milk-morning nap. And now , I have about two hours of free time until he wakes up for lunch. Really, it’s just the same schedule but in a different room. We are spending four days at The Nest Tagaytay, Bed and Breakfast and so far, day one has been good to me.

I don’t regret not getting a nanny. (although I’m not closing my doors!) I may have put some personal goals aside but I know that I’ll be able to pursue them again pretty soon. My son’s childhood is fleeting (and wonderful) like the sunset and I wouldn’t mind chasing after it until the day he tells me “Mom, I can do this on my own now. I’m not a baby anymore.”

So for now, I’ll savor this needy stage of my son, take him with me wherever I go, move places, try to do some work, go back home and do it all over again, in a heartbeat.

Feeling cozy at The Nest Tagaytay, Bed and Breakfast

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