Family Travel Tips Series: Hangry By Nature

While most people consider traveling with the whole family as an ultimate holiday experience, happening once or twice a year, Tina, Andy and their two boys do this as regularly as the sun sets. From Australia to wherever their itchy feet take them, this travel savvy bunch is our ultimate source of smart family travel tips and hacks. One morning, when we were preparing for our Osaka trip, we stumbled upon their YouTube channel, and we’re hooked! So, when we came up with the Family Travel Tips Series , Hangry by Nature was at the top of our list! They are funny, informative and inspiring! Read on to learn how they do what they do so well. (We just had to share their answers verbatim, because it’s like we can actually hear them talk!)

Tina and Andy

Children: 2 kids plus a man-child (and myself [Tina] cos I’m really just a 12-year old trapped in an overgrown body). – [LOL!] Boys are aged 2 and 4.

Current occupation: content creators.

How young were your children when you first traveled with them and where to?

Our eldest was 14 months when we went to Europe and after that, we had our second and his first overseas trip was to Thailand and Vietnam at 6 weeks old.

What is the biggest challenge for you when traveling with kids? Any unforgettable experience you want to share? 

Keeping our 2-year old occupied whilst on daytime flights and adjusting to jetlag in the initial days is killaaaah. It’s pretty dandy after that!

What is your favorite product (what brand) to pack when traveling with a baby /toddler/ kid? 

Our trusty Google Chromecast! We never travel without it, as it allows us to chuck on Netflix or YouTube for the boys and allows for Andy and I to get work done or just have some downtime.

What’s your favourite family trip so far? Why? 

Japan. Hands down. Self-explanatory

Can you share 1 or 2 travel hacks that other parents could use when traveling with kids?

Book night time flights. Get a Chromecast. Download Netflix movies before travelling. Always book an Airbnb with a washing machine because kids are grotty AF.

What message can you impart to first time parents who are currently planning their first family trip and are very anxious about it?

Try to relax and go with the flow. People are more understanding than we think and most of the time will accommodate when you’re travelling with kids. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extra seat if available at check-in so your kids can have more space to sleep (it worked a lot for us). You’ll always have bad experiences but the good far outweigh the stresses of travelling with kids. Lastly, travel often. Kids adapt so quick and become amazing little travellers.

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