50 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids 2019

This list is intended for : 1. Non-parents who are looking for alternative gift ideas for a child 2. Non-parents who are told by parents to stop buying toys for their children, and are now panicking because Christmas rush has begun! 3. Parents who are tired of putting away hundreds of toys and trinkets scattered around the house, everyday, and are looking for other ways to entertain their kids.

If you are one of the above, you’re welcome. Don’t get me wrong, we are not anti-toys. In fact, we love toys! We believe that toys are essential to the development of a child and that playing is the best way to learn concepts. However, we also believe that the best way for a child to learn is through imaginative play. Therefore, we are quite selective in the toys we give our child. As much as possible, we get toys that are open-ended, of good quality, and should match his development stage. This way, he does not get overwhelmed, and we don’t get stressed out from too much clutter. So, with this, we totally understand parents when they say, “Please, don’t give my child a toy for Christmas, your presence and genuine concern is more than enough”. This is probably their way of saying, “We have too many toys already”, or “We know what toy suits him best at this stage, so, just get him anything but a toy” or “My child won’t play with that because she likes non-toys like tissue paper and boxes.”

So, if you are currently dealing with this holiday dilemma, here are some ideas to guide you in your gift -giving, if you want to be more creative than just giving cash.


Handmade Busy Books

( Bright Little Minds ) Price starts at P1,700

2. Board Books

(The Kiddie Korner by Miko and Marco) P125 (free gift wrapping service!)

3. Bible Stories

( The Kiddie Korner by Miko and Marco) P325

4. Activity Books

( The Kiddie Korner by Miko and Marco) P570

5. Sticker Books

( National Bookstore) Starts at P200


Tickets to Manila Ocean Park

Price Starts at P595 / head

Tickets to The Mind Museum

On Sale now at P675 on Klook!

Kidzania Manila Passes

Get it from Klook for P900 ( Special Offer for Philippine users:Β Get PHP150 off with a min. purchase of PHP2,000 using promo code TRIPNATIN valid until 31 Dec 2019 )

Kidzoona Passes

Price starts at P200

Active Fun Passes

Price starts at P200

Dream Play Tickets

Price starts at P680 ( children below 80cm enter for free!)

Tickets to The Dessert Museum

Price starts at 699

Tickets to Art in Island Museum

On sale now at Klook for only P430

Tickets to Upside Down Museum

Price starts at P450 (Children 3yo and below enter for free)

Admission Tickets to Lakbay Museo

P599 at Klook!


Swimming Lessons (Bert Lozada)

Price starts at P5,000

Music Lessons (School of Rock)

Fee starts at around P5,000

Soccer Training (Manila Soccer Academy)

for kids 3-17 years old – Fee starts at P6,000

Art Classes (KIT101 Art)

for kids 4 years old and up – Trial class starts at P888

Cooking Classes (CCA Manila – Young Chefs Bootcamp)

contact CCA for details.


Uniqlo Airism Mesh Top

starts at P590

Uniqlo Basic Cotton Shirt


H&M 5-pack Basics


Zara Kids Basics

P645 (you may shop online at Zara Philippines!)

Little Luli Genderless Jumpsuits


Arts and Crafts

Palm Grip Crayons – Starts at P500 in Shoppee

Washable Crayons – P130 in Shoppee

Washable Markers – P240 in Shoppee

Crayola Silly Scents Mini Art Case – P1,699.75 in Lazada

Washable Kids’ Paint – P350 in Lazada

Water Color Set – P399 in Lazada

Play-doh Set – P750 in Lazada

Slime Kit – P260 in Lazada

Bruin My Play Table for Kids – P2,499.75 in Lazada

Coloring Book – starts at P200 in National Bookstore

Bed, bath, and other essentials

Kiddie Sit and Sleep

Starts at 1,499.75 in Uratex

Travel Blanket

Starts at P550 from Ash and Muff

Bath Towel

P600 from Ash and Muff

Drawstring Backpack

P400 from Ash and Muff

Toddler Bag

P595 from Something Personal PH

Bean Bag

Starts at P1,595 from Fun Nest PH

Healthy Snacks

Starts at P365 from The Wander Mommy Shop

Bean Bag Chair

P2,495 from Fun Nest PH

Kid Kanteen Water Bottle

P1,395 from The Wander Mommy Shop

Tiger Soup Cup

P1,750 from Milk and Honey PH

Big- Ticket Gifts

Family Vacation

If you are planning a trip to Hokkaido for Christmas, check this post out for some tips. CLICK HERE

Savings Account

Here’s a guide to the best savings accounts for kids in the Philippines. Thanks,!

Age limit: 0 to 12 years old
Initial deposit requirement: PHP 100
Minimum maintaining balance: PHP 100
Maintaining balance to earn interest: PHP 2,000 (0.25% interest rate)

Why it’s great for children:

  • Comes with a passbook
  • Children between 7 to 12 years old may request for a personalized BDO EMV Debit Card upon reaching a deposit balance of PHP 2,000
  • Existing BDO accounts can transfer money to a BDO Junior Savers Account through online banking. A unique perk as compared to other savings accounts for kids in the Philippines.

Learn more about BDO Junior Savers Account here.

Life Insurance Policy (Education Plan)

Check out: Philam Life , AXA , Prulife UK, FWD, Sunlife and Manulife.

photo from Sunlife Financial Philippines

Apple Watch Series 5

P23,990 at Apple

Nikon Coolpix W100

P11,000 in Lazada

We hope this helped you organize your shopping list. Keep in mind that by giving the gift of experience and essentials, you are bringing more joyful memories and less stress in a family home- and that is something no amount of money can buy. Happy Holidays!

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