How to Enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland with a One-year Old Baby

Instead of throwing a party, we celebrated our baby’s first birthday on April 25, 2019 in Hong Kong Disneyland, and we had a blast! Despite the summer heat and Hong Kong’s 98% humidity level on the day of Thomas’s birthday, he got to eat his cake, meet Mickey and watch The Lion King live!

Sure, we had to change diapers in the middle of the park because the nearest changing station was two blocks away from where we were, we had to stop periodically for feeding, and we had to buy a smaller cake when I accidentally dropped the bigger one and stepped on it, among many other pauses. 😂 Truly, traveling with a baby is never without a memorable mishap. But, at the end of the day, our hearts were full and we were very happy. When we saw how his eyes sparkled in awe with each character encounter, how he enjoyed the lights and songs, and how his face lit up inside the gift shops, we knew that taking him to Disneyland was a great decision .From the rides, to the shows, to the merchandise, truly, there is magic for everybody.

So, if you’re planning to bring your baby to this place, go for it! Don’t listen to naysayers telling you that your baby is too young to enjoy the attractions. In the happiest place place on earth, no one is too young nor too old to have fun. Disneyland is a baby-friendly place and you’d be surprised to see many babies and toddlers being lugged around from morning ’til night.

Here are 10 tips to enjoy Disneyland with your baby:

Bring that stroller!

We brought our trusty Joie Baby Pact along with our Ergo Baby Hip Seat Carrier. The stroller made going around so much easier, and allowed us to rest from carrying our bags and other stuff. The carrier was used every time our baby was on full koala mode. Otherwise, he was pretty relaxed in his pushchair. If you opt not to bring a stroller, you may rent one for HKD 140 at Main Street, USA. Stroller parking is available, just make sure to attach the stroller parking tag for safety.

They may not be used aboard Main Street vehicles and trains. Strollers rented in the park may not be taken outside of the park. Rain covers come with strollers during forecasted rainy days.

The maximum weight for a child seated in a stroller is 27 kg (60 lbs).

A refundable deposit of HKD100 per day is required. Reservation is not allowed.

Bring snacks and a water bottle

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and beverage items into the Park to drink and eat. For as long as they do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors, you are free to enjoy your packed food. Forget about durian and instant cup noodles. You won’t be able to enjoy them anyway.

Bring your own water bottle and don’t be like us. We spent almost 300HKD on water alone. It was towards the end of our trip that we discovered the drinking fountains conveniently located outside restrooms and other public areas.

Here’s a list of complimentary drinking fountain locations across the park.

Drinking Cups

You may also request disposable cups to use at drinking fountains from the nearest restaurant or refreshment facility—at no extra charge.

Get familiar with the map

Although Hong Kong Disneyland is not too complicated to navigate, it is best to get familiar with the park prior to your trip, especially if you are traveling with a baby or a toddler. Take into consideration all the breaks you have take within the day and plot the areas where you want to do it to save time. For example, you know that baby takes a nap at 2 pm, so make sure you have already had your photos taken with Mickey at the gazebo before lunch, to make time for diaper change, feeding and other tasks before nap time. If you don’t plan your trip well, you’ll most probably spend more time looking for a certain attraction or facility than enjoying your stay. Make your life easier by downloading the Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app.

Experience the small joys that you can find in the park (especially if you are on a birthday trip)

Get a birthday badge at the guest services – if you’re going on your child’s birthday (or yours), it would be fun to get a badge as a souvenir. It’s free anyway. 🙂

Buy a mini Mickey cake at Starbucks (Main Street Bakery) – If you just want a simple cake that’s cute for photos, yummy and tiny enough to devour in 2 minutes because you seriously can’t savor a cake with a baby in tow, then go to Starbucks and get a small, round cheesecake. The cost is a fraction of the price of a regular celebration cake sold in Disneyland Hotel.

Buy a cap, an umbrella, a hand-held fan, and a bubble -maker – Trust us. These will save your lives. The fan calms baby down especially when it gets too humid; The bubble-maker is self-explanatory.

Don’t miss “It’s a Small World” – you and your baby will definitely enjoy this attraction. The colors, the music and the whimsical animated figures make it a truly awesome experience. And, since it’s a boat- ride in a cool, indoor place, you can take that time to rest your tired feet and reset for the day.

Watch the Lion King LIVE

The Festival of The Lion King is a 30-minute musical show that features Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa, portrayed by amazing stage actors. You and your family will surely be impressed by the acrobats and fire dancers as they move to the beat of The Lion King songs we all love. TIP: Don’t sit too close to the stage so baby won’t get overwhelmed; check the schedule and make sure to be at the theater early because the line could get really long.

Plan your meals

Knowing where to take your meals could save you a lot of time and energy. Check this link for the types of cuisine and dining experience available .

We had our snacks and meals in Main Street Bakery, Royal Banquet Hall, Explorer Club Restaurant and Hollywood and Dine.

Take mini breaks

Traveling with a baby, especially during summer require a lot of mini rests in between. Hong Kong Disneyland is equipped with the necessary facilities and amenities for people with babies. Seating areas, drinking water stations and baby care center are easily accessible. Our favorite? 1. The park’s spacious and air conditioned restrooms 2. The air conditioned gift shops.

Take photos with characters

Need we say more? Just make sure you check the schedule of each meet and greet so you don’t end up standing in line just to be told that Mickey has to go because his time is up.

Stay until evening

The park transforms into an entirely different magical place at night when light shows happen, rides are illuminated and Mickey performs on Main Street.

Get a professional to take your photos

Immortalize your family trip by hiring a professional photographer. Sure, taking photos from your phone or camera is easy but precious moments are best captured by someone else especially if these are candid moments. It’s worth it.

We booked a session from Sweet Escape. This app is easy to use and they have really good customer service. We made the booking a month prior to our trip. We communicated with the assigned photographer through the app to plan our photo-shoot . It was a smooth session and we were happy with Buddy Sit , the local professional photographer who took our photos. It took us 2 hours to shoot, No payment was collected on site, but we had to purchase the photographer’s admission ticket.

*On January 26, 2020, Hong Kong Disneyland announced its temporary closure due to the Corona Virus outbreak. As of writing, the park remains closed. Check out their website for details and updates.


  • Hong Kong Disneyland Park officially reopened on Jun 18 with reduced capacity, enhanced health and safety procedures and a new reservation system for all guests. All guests entering the park will be required to undergo temperature screening and wear face masks. Learn more.
  • Magic Access members may make a reservation beginning 8 days prior to their visit. General guests may make a reservation beginning 7 days prior to their visit. Learn more
  • The park has implemented social distancing in queues, restaurants, attraction vehicles and other facilities. Character experiences requiring close interaction and close-up photos will be temporarily suspended. Learn more.
  • Extensions will be provided for unused park tickets, Magic Access memberships and other date-specific products. Learn more.
  • Free cancellations for park tickets and hotel room bookings within the specified period are available. Learn more.
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